Melissa 7dollar plan

Melissa’s dad encouraged her to sign up for health insurance after she lost her job. Melissa avoided a $695 penalty with a plan that costs her only $7/month – – and she has peace of mind knowing that she’s covered!

Time is running out for those who need to sign up for health insurance during ACA Open Enrollment through the NC Health Insurance Marketplace. Pisgah Legal Services is providing free, unbiased, in-person assistance taking place now through Jan. 31, 2016 thanks in part to generous funding for our volunteer navigator program provided by the Kate B. Reynolds Charitable Trust.

In this, the third open enrollment period of the ACA, the Trust awarded a grant of $154,450 to Pisgah Legal Services to continue the important work of assisting people in WNC as they navigate their insurance options to get the health care they desperately need.

Jim Barrett, PLS’ Executive Director, says, “Pisgah Legal Services is extremely grateful for funding from Kate B. Reynolds Charitable Trust that enables us to implement and manage a model volunteer navigator program. This program multiplies our effectiveness in helping hundreds more people buy affordable health insurance than we could have served with staff navigators alone.”

PLS’ ACA Manager Shannon Cornelius says, “We’ve helped thousands of local people and families over the past few years successfully sign up for health insurance.” She continues, “We see that many people attempt to enroll, but need help completing the process. Our trained navigators provide that vital assistance.”

Appointments can be made by calling toll-free: 855-733-3711 or make an appointment online at

The Kate B. Reynolds Charitable Trust was established in 1947 and is now one of the largest private trusts in North Carolina. Its mission is to improve the quality of life and quality of health for the financially needy of North Carolina. The Health Care Division promotes wellness state-wide by investing in prevention and treatment. The Poor and Needy Division of the Trust responds to basic life needs and invests in solutions that improve the quality of life and health for financially needy residents of Forsyth County. Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. serves as sole trustee.