2020 Accomplishments

With your support, we are changing lives and strengthening Western North Carolina.

  • Pisgah Legal Services helped 20,117 low-income people to meet basic needs.
  • PLS helped more than 7,097 children avoid homelessness, escape abuse, and secure essentials.
  • PLS helped more than 7,630 people escape domestic violence
  • PLS helped more than 4,128 people to stabilize housing and prevent homelessness.

Pisgah Legal secured more than $22 million
in quantifiable benefits for clients, including:

  • $2,091,750 in benefits for people with disabilities
  • $2,709,324 estimated in Medicaid benefits, payable to WNC medical providers
  • $9,511,045 in monetary benefits for clients, such as: home equity preserved from foreclosure, child support payments for victims of domestic violence, and volunteer attorney services, etc.
  • $8,119,109 estimated in health insurance premium tax credits for households served directly.

Private attorneys and office volunteers donated 12,572 hours helping PLS clients, providing pro bono services and supporting PLS staff.

More than 300 volunteer attorneys donated 3,343 professional hours to help PLS clients.

ACA Certified Application Counselors donated more than 1,775 volunteer hours.

Click here to access the one-page 2020 Impact Report