Welcome to our fully remote screening process, CLICK HERE to access our secure tax screening form hosted by FormAssembly.

After you complete screening, you will either schedule an appointment to drop off your documents or use our fully remote process to upload your documents using your smartphone. We will then prepare your tax return over the following weeks and contact you when it is done.

If you have a question about an unresolved tax return from this year, you can contact us at 828-210-3404 and press 2 for taxes.

Bienvenido a nuestro proceso de selección totalmente remoto, HAGA CLIC AQUÍ para acceder a nuestro formulario de preselección de impuestos presentado por FormAssembly.

Después de completar el proceso de preseleccion, usted podrá programar una cita para dejar sus documentos o utilizar nuestro proceso totalmente remoto para cargar sus documentos utilizando su teléfono inteligente. Posteriormente, prepararemos su declaración de la renta durante las semanas siguientes y nos pondremos en contacto con usted cuando esté terminada.

Si tiene alguna pregunta sobre una declaración de impuestos no resuelta de este año, puede ponerse en contacto con nosotros en el 828-210-3404 y presionar 4 para impuestos.

You may be eligible for free help filing taxes if your household earns less than $60,000/year. Extra refunds may be available to those who didn’t file last year or in previous years.

We are a certified VITA (Volunteer Income Tax Assistance) site. 

Call us at 828-210-3404 to find out if we can help, or to get more information. Our services are free and confidential.

If you aren’t required to file taxes based on your income, Pisgah Legal can help you file year-round.

Even if you haven’t filed recently, Pisgah Legal could help you:

  • Identify all available tax credits and refunds 
  • Complete and file your tax documents for free 
  • Answer any questions about tax filing and what it means for you and your family

Pisgah Legal offers in-person, drop-off, and remote filing options. Tax preparers and advocates are available to assist clients in English and Spanish.

You may qualify for help if you:

  • Live in our 18-county service region, including the Qualla Boundary 
  • Have a yearly household income less than roughly $60,000

If you haven’t filed your 2021 tax return, you may have missed two enhanced tax credits that could make a difference in your life: the Child Tax Credit (CTC), and the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC). These tax credits could add up to thousands of dollars for you.

Both tax credits are refundable, which means you can get the full amount even if you don’t owe any taxes. The CTC and EITC will not count as income the next time you file.

Call 828-210-3404 today to see if you qualify for our FREE services, or to talk to a tax preparer about your personal situation and ask questions about filing a tax return.

Claim your refund! It’s worth it.

With help from Pisgah Legal, Lucia received an $8,000 tax return.

As a single mom, Lucia had not filed taxes before 2022.

Lucia knew filing taxes could be tough and hoped that working with Pisgah Legal would take off some of the burden–and that’s exactly what she found.

“I’ve never done taxes before, and being able to drop the documents off made it much easier,” said Lucia.