PLS Staff

Pisgah Legal Services employs attorneys, client advocates, fundraisers and legal support staff who are committed to providing free legal help to thousands of local people each year.

Our offices are located in Asheville, Hendersonville and Spindale. Contact us via email or call (828) 253-0406 or toll-free: 1-800-489-6144.


Executive Director

Jim Barrett, 828-210-3408


To Contact Staff Attorneys, call 828-253-0406 or 1-800-489-6144.


Managing Attorneys

Jaclyn Kiger
Robin Merrell


Staff Attorneys

David Bartholomew
Justin Edge
Shoshana Fried
Tom Gallagher
James Gorsuch
Julia Horrocks
Thomas Lodwick
Ben Many
Molly Maynard
Nikki Mitchell
Jacob Oakes
Jason Craig
Madeline McKeller Offen
Sara Player
Anne Salter
Casey Steen
Parker Smith
Ginny Thompson
Kathy Walker
Bill Whalen


Client Services and Legal Support Staff

Noele Aabye
Liz Allen
Cindy Benitez
Rhonda Brown
Tara Carr
Shannon Cornelius
Flor Corral
Christine Culbreth
Sammy Cunningham
Joan Dennehy
Sioux Free
Latoya Gardner
Joanne Gaylord
Thalia Hoy
Sam Peck
Debra Lechner
Alicia Merrill
Nelson Reyes
Carol Rogers
Jeanne Stillson
Tracey Whitehouse
Leah Yetter



Bryan Klinge, Chief Financial Officer, 828-210-3426
Rupa Dave, Accounting Associate


Community Engagement

Betsy Ellis, Director of Philanthropy, 828-210-3444
Nora Frank, Development and Events Coordinator, 828-210-3774
Brent McKnight, Development Manager, 828-210-3405
Bess Newton, Development Senior Development Officer, 828-210-3443
Katie Russell Miller, Director of Community Engagement (part-time), 828-210-3420
Michelle Spiegel, Donor Relations Assistant (part-time), 828-210-3773
Valerie True, Grants Manager, 828-210-3410
Evie Sandlin White, Communications Manager, (part-time), 828-210-3430


Human Resources

Samantha Winn Galloway, Human Resources Director, Office Administrator, 828-210-3425


Mountain Area Volunteer Lawyer Program

Annie Reid, MAVL Coordinator, 828-210-3418
Kristianna Bartow, MAVL Legal Screener and Clinic Coordinator


Volunteer Program

Beth Herrman, 828-210-3787

Jim-Barrett-PLSJim Barrett has been the executive director of Pisgah Legal Services since 1993 and has served on the staff for more than 30 years. 

Under his leadership PLS has grown to become a leader in the nonprofit field, not only providing legal services to clients but improving public policies across NC and leveraging millions of dollars to improve life in WNC.