Serving WNC’s Growing Immigrant Population

PLS serves Western North Carolina’s growing population of recent immigrant residents. Recent immigrants face many of the same difficulties as other low-income individuals who seek access to the justice system; these difficulties are often compounded by a language barrier.

Pisgah Legal Services provides legal aid to help low-income immigrants who are eligible to secure legal immigration status and/or work authorization. PLS is only able to help those immigrants who are eligible for legal status but need assistance through the complex and bureaucratic application process.

For instance, PLS may help someone who is eligible for legal status because they are married to a U.S. Citizen or permanent resident. We may assist a crime victim who is eligible for legal status because they helped prosecute the perpetrator of the crime. By helping an immigrant secure legal status, PLS is often providing immigrants with the means to lift their families out of poverty.

PLS also helps immigrants address other basic needs, such as housing, safety and education.

Working out of the PLS office in Hendersonville, an immigration attorney and bilingual support staff extend Pisgah’s services to recent immigrants in the 17 westernmost counties of North Carolina.

Call PLS at (828) 253-0406 or toll-free at (800) 489-6144 to apply for services.


“There are unlimited immigrants living in this country who are eligible for status and/or employment authorization. Due to societal and cultural obstacles, they not only have no idea these rights exist but they are also often targets due to their vulnerability.

As an immigration attorney, I have the privilege of helping immigrant families break down these barriers to ensure they have the knowledge necessary to both lift their families out of poverty and finally feel to come out of the shadows.”

– Lynne Davis, PLS Immigration Attorney