Navigator Diane Caldwell (right) helps Gloria understand her options at the ACA Kickoff Event.

Understanding health insurance options under the Affordable Care Act and NC Health Insurance Marketplace can be a daunting task, but our Navigator volunteers have made it their mission to guide local people through the process to understand their choices for affordable health insurance.

More than 40 people volunteered during the most recent open enrollment session, and many continue to work through a special enrollment that continues; others continue their work year-round at Pisgah Legal Services.  

Volunteers must complete rigorous federal training of more than 20 hours to become certified navigators each year. Navigators offer unbiased and knowledgeable advice and are not compensated to recommend any plan or insurance company over another. Their goal is to help consumers understand their options for affordable health insurance and navigate through the health insurance marketplace – no strings attached.

For open enrollment between November 15, 2014 and February 15, 2015, Navigator volunteers helped Pisgah Legal Services make over 1,000 consumer appointments in 20 different locations around WNC in both Spanish and English. They logged over 2,500 hours of volunteer time in offering navigation appointments, plus over 100 hours of volunteer time in outreach activities to spread the word to hard-to-reach populations. Navigators were on hand to help mornings, afternoons, evenings, weekend and holidays.

We would like to thank each and every person that has volunteered their time to serve their neighbors.

2014 ACA Volunteer Navigators

Debbie Aiton
Calvin Allen
Kathryn Alonso
David Anderson
Ann Banks
Michael Beech
Elyse Bernstein
James Bingham
Tom Blanford
Laura Bochner
Carl Bredahl
Diane Caldwell
Pat Call
Terry Call
Jim Carillon
Esther Cartwright
Ellen Clarke
Jeff Dektor
Betty Dickson
Cassie Dillon
Lynn Eddy
Mary Edwards
Laura Etchen
Bob Falls
Mary Ann Farmer
Mary Lou Farquhar
Lynda Feldman
Bernie Filipiak
Herbert Gallinger
Richard Genz
Benjamin Gilbert
Colleen Grossell
Maite Hart
Robert Haskins
Claudia Hawkins
Robert Hensley
Donald Hewitt
Sue Hinterman
Judith Hoffman
Michael Holcombe
Sydney Idzikowski
Marlene Jacoby
Julie Johnson
Gene Keil
Lucy Keil
Marianna Kennedy
Kathie Kline
Jillian Krupp
Mary Ann LaMantia
Dick LeDuc
Les Long
Bill Mance
Jo Marcus
Preston Maultsby
Marilyn McKay
Marianne Mooney
Lucy Mullinax
Rick Nathan
Ladene Newton
Glenda Overbeck
Kathleen Patten
Becky Pitts
Marian Plaut
Tom Plaut
Catherine Potts
Phillip Pritchard
Betty Ramsey
Margaret Reed
Elaine Robbins
Kitty Schaller
Christina Schwartz
Susan Senko
Meagan Singer
Paul Smith
Jeanne Stillson
Mary Lou Surgi
Ames Tryon
Terry Van Duyn
Jane Vasica
Leslie Wagenfeld
Milt Warden
William Weaver
Katie Winchell
Alice Windham
Deborah Worley
Jacob Yochem


If you are interested in becoming a Navigator, please contact Shannon Cornelius. For more information about this program, click here.