Do you believe – like we do – that justice is for everyone, not just those who can afford it? Then join the fight for justice and feel great knowing that you are making it possible for local individuals and families to get the  help they desperately need – – advocates at Pisgah Legal who will help them escape domestic violence, access health care, combat fraud and avoid homelessness!

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What Difference Can Your Donation Make?
$1,000 – Stops an unfair foreclosure for a struggling family and saves their home.

$500 – Helps a mother and her children escape domestic violence and rebuild their lives.

$100 – Allows a person with a life-threatening illness to gain access to the health care he desperately needs.

$50 – Enables a homeless veteran living on the street to have stable, decent housing.

$25 – Provides legal advice to a senior to help her manage her limited resources and live independently.

Please make a gift today!
Giving is fast and easy online, or contact Ally Wilson, Director of Development, at 210-3444, to learn about all your giving options.

Thank you for your support!  Your generosity is greatly appreciated!