Unless we can replace funds lost to state budget cuts thousands of people will have to be turned away when they need legal help. Earlier this year Pisgah Legal attorneys assisted James who was diagnosed with a terminal brain tumor. James needed legal assistance to put his affairs in order so that his young daughter will be cared for by the legal guardian he chooses, and she won’t be put into foster care after his death.

Pisgah Legal Services is experiencing extraordinary funding challenges. 

This summer, Pisgah Legal Services lost $535,000 in state funding that was previously designated to provide legal aid to people in need. 

On July 1, the N.C. General Assembly eliminated more than $1 million for legal aid funding across the state. To make matters worse, funds that once allowed us to assist people with mental health care, disability benefits and housing needs have also been lost due to state cuts. PLS Executive Director Jim Barrett was recently interviewed by Blue Ridge Public Radio. Listen to the interview here.

With a loss of more than half a million dollars, we must do more to replace funds and preserve vital services. Otherwise, more than 2,800 local people could lose access to legal help in the coming year!   

Our clients need us more than ever. We need your help. 

What can you do? 

1. Please support Pisgah Legal Services with a tax- deductible gift and consider increasing your support. Give online today. For stock gifts or other giving questions, please contact Director of Philanthropy Betsy Ellis at (828) 210-3444. Gifts made now through Dec. 31 will be matched by generous donors!

2. Help us build an endowment that will provide stable, dependable funding in the future. Contact Executive Director Jim Barrett at (828) 210-3408 to learn more.

3. Tell your friends and spread the word about the importance of Pisgah Legal’s free legal aid to more than 15,000 local people each year. 

Thank You for Your Support! Together we will continue providing these important services for our most vulnerable neighbors.