Millions expected to lose homes as eviction moratoriums end

Last year, Pisgah Legal helped 3,432 people stabilize housing & prevent homelessness. With thousands of people out of jobs due to COVID-19, demand for our housing services have increased as we prepare for record-numbers of evictions.

A recent NY Times editorial states that 22% of households say that they don’t expect to be able to make their next monthly rent or mortgage payment, according to a Census Bureau survey. It goes on to call for Congress to impose a nationwide moratorium on evictions and then to give people who have lost their jobs the money required for rent or mortgage payments.

Finally, the editorial calls for Congress to provide expert assistance to tenants and homeowners facing the loss of homes. The Editorial Board at the NY Times recognizes that affordable legal aid is not a privilege, but a right. Read the full article by clicking the button below. NYTOpMillionstoLoseHomes

Millions Expected to Lose Homes