Legal Aid Funding in Jeopardy

The North Carolina House of Representatives’ Appropriations Committee has passed a provision in the 2017 budget entitled “Eliminate Access to Civil Justice Funds.” If enacted as written, this provision would eliminate $1.7 million in combined funding for Pisgah Legal Services, Legal Aid of North Carolina, and Legal Aid of Southern Piedmont. Eliminating Access to Civil Justice Funds would cause drastic reductions in legal aid agencies’ services to those most in need, undermining equal access to justice for North Carolina citizens.

WLOS is covering the story, and recently featured PLS managing attorney Jaclyn Kiger on the consequences of such cuts:

The budget process is moving quickly. The House passed its budget on Friday. The Senate budget passed last month made no changes to legal aid funding. Leadership of the House and Senate will be meeting to reconcile the budget this week. Please contact the members of the budget reconciliation committee today, as well as other representatives you may know, to express your support for Pisgah Legal and our fellow legal services providers across the state. Ask them to maintain funding for important legal aid across North Carolina that helps thousands of low-income citizens every year.

Reconciliation Committee:

Click on a name to find contact information.


Rep. Nelson DollarHouse Senior Chair

Rep. Dean ArpHouse Chair

Rep. Justin P. BurrHouse Chair

Rep. John FairclothHouse Chair

Rep. Linda P. JohnsonHouse Chair

Rep. Donny LambethHouse Chair

Rep. Chuck McGradyHouse Chair

Rep. William Brawley

Rep. Jason Saine

Rep. Kelly E. Hastings

Rep. Susan Martin

Rep. Mitchell S. Setzer

Rep. John Szoka

Rep. Jimmy Dixon

Rep. Kyle Hall

Rep. Pat McElraft

Rep. Stephen M. Ross

Rep. Jon Hardister

Rep. Hugh Blackwell

Rep. Jeffrey Elmore

Rep. John A. Fraley

Rep. D. Craig Horn

Rep. Pat B. Hurley

Rep. George G. Cleveland

Rep. Dennis Riddell

Rep. William D. Brisson

Rep. Josh Dobson

Rep. Chris Malone

Rep. Gregory F. Murphy, MD

Rep. James L. Boles, Jr.

Rep. Ted Davis, Jr.

Rep. Allen McNeill

Rep. Rena W. Turner

Rep. Frank Iler

Rep. Michele D. Presnell

Rep. Phil Shepard

Rep. John A. Torbett

Rep. Sarah Stevens

Rep. David R. Lewis

Rep. John R. Bell, IV

Rep. Ken Goodman

Rep. Edward Hanes, Jr.

Rep. Michael H. Wray

Rep. Elmer Floyd

Rep. Becky Carney

Rep. Jean Farmer-Butterfield

Rep. Marvin W. Lucas


Sen. Harry BrownSenate Chair

Sen. Kathy HarringtonSenate Chair

Sen. Brent JacksonSenate Chair

Sen. Bill Rabon

Sen. Bill Cook

Sen. Rick Gunn

Sen. Trudy Wade

Sen. Jim Davis

Sen. Tom McInnis

Sen. Wesley Meredith

Sen. Chad Barefoot

Sen. David L. Curtis

Sen. Michael V. Lee

Sen. John M. Alexander, Jr.

Sen. Tamara Barringer

Sen. Jeff Tarte

Sen. Ralph Hise

Sen. Joyce Krawiec

Sen. Louis Pate

Sen. Warren Daniel

Sen. Shirley B. Randleman

Sen. Norman W. Sanderson

Sen. Tommy Tucker

Sen. Andrew C. Brock

Sen. Jerry W. Tillman