Supporting Pisgah Legal is “A Family Affair”


Betsey, Elizabeth and Doug (L-R) playing at the beach with dogs Sydney and Tori.

Doug Wilson, managing partner of McGuire, Wood & Bissette, P.A., still remembers the day he came home from work to find his college-age daughter, Elizabeth, deep in thought. After a day volunteering at PLS, Elizabeth had seen just how dire life could be after working with a client: a mom who was struggling to escape an abusive husband and care for a baby sick from the mold growing in their rental apartment. “Dad,” she said, “I never realized just how lucky I am.”

Doug is a long-time supporter of Pisgah Legal, a former board member and active volunteer. His wife, Betsey Bent, has also witnessed the good work of PLS during her career with Mission Hospitals. Over the years, this family has given generously of their time and treasures. Now Doug and Betsey are including PLS in their wills so their support will continue long after their lifetimes.

“We love this community and the people who live here. We believe so strongly in Pisgah’s mission that we want to be sure our contributions continue long after we are gone.”

Pisgah Legal has launched an endowment campaign with an ambitious goal to secure $10 million in expected gifts by 2019.

Please consider making a cash gift to our endowment or including PLS in your estate plans. Your gift, like Doug and Betsey’s, can make a difference for generations to come. Find out more.