Pisgah Legal Services works to assist people who are struggling with health care needs, from those who need help understanding health insurance options, to reaching out to people with disabilities and veterans in need of assistance.

Our programs include:

  • Health Justice – The Health Justice Program helps with health insurance enrollment
  • DAP – Disability Access Project
  • SOAR – Assisting Adults who are Homeless with Social Security Disability and Supplemental Security Income Applications
  • HEALS – The Health Education and Legal Support Project

Pisgah Legal addresses issues such as:

  • Medical assistance in denials, terminations, spend down issues (Medicaid and Medicare)
  • SSI/SSDI applications
  • VA benefits
  • Enrollment on NC Health Insurance Marketplace plans or Medicaid

For help with other benefits such as TANF or unemployment, visit our Secure Essential Benefits section of the website.

Call PLS at (828) 253-0406 or toll-free at (800) 489-6144 to apply for services.


Despite being a quadriplegic, Jack was living a full life with a successful career until he was injured during a medical procedure.

He was hospitalized more than 30 times and lost his job, home and savings.

Jack came to Mission Hospital for treatment where he was told that surgery could improve his health, but not until he had disability benefits.

PLS worked with Jack and Mission staff to quickly secure Jack’s benefits and move him into an assisted living facility after his surgery.