(Left to right) Alex Edge (Wake Forest); Kyle Mirabelli (Wake Forest); Sarah Sherrington (Campbell); Ning Ding (Wake Forest); Amy Leitner (UNC-Chapel Hill).


Pisgah Legal Services welcomes five new law clerks from law schools across North Carolina who will be working with us for 10 weeks this summer. These internships offer valuable hands-on learning opportunities for a select group of law school students and provide much-appreciated assistance for our attorneys and staff, allowing PLS to serve more clients than with staff alone.

The law students work on legal issues that range from unfair housing practices to domestic violence and securing benefits for people with serious disabilities. Some will have the opportunity to appear before area judges to argue their cases.

We hope this experience will inform and enhance these students’ knowledge of the law and give them greater appreciation of those who are in need of legal assistance but cannot afford it.