2015 Accomplishments

With your support, we are changing lives and strengthening Western North Carolina.

  • Pisgah Legal Services helped more than 15,000 low-income people to meet basic needs in 2015.
  • PLS helped 5,016 children avoid homelessness, escape abuse, and secure essentials.
  • PLS closed 4,673 cases including: 1,476 cases to secure safety from domestic violence and 1,458 cases to prevent homelessness.


PLS secured more than $18.9 million in quantifiable benefits for clients, including:

With an operating budget of $3.4 million Pisgah Legal Services produced a return on investment of more than 5 to 1.

  • $5,228,638 in disability income benefits for people with disabilities
  • $8,750,777 estimated in Medicaid benefits, payable to WNC medical providers
  • $4,398,724 in monetary benefits for clients, such as: home equity preserved from foreclosure, child support payments for victims of domestic violence, or unemployment compensation.

Private attorneys and office volunteers donated more than 12,000 hours helping PLS clients, providing pro bono services and supporting PLS staff.

More than 300 volunteer attorneys donated 3,087 professional hours to help PLS clients. These pro bono hours are modestly valued at $617,400.

Office volunteers contributed more than 6,624 hours of service to interview potential clients, assist with legal research, and complete clerical and administrative tasks.

ACA Navigator volunteers donated more than 3,000 volunteer hours.

Pisgah Legal Services succeeds in efforts to alleviate poverty.

Improved Access to Services for Domestic Violence Victims to Reduce Risk of Homicide: PLS worked with partners to create the Henderson County Family Justice Center in 2014. The Center improves access to services for victims of violent crime and improves collaboration among victims’ services organizations, law enforcement, the courts, and other agencies. PLS is also working with Buncombe County partners to create a one-stop service center for victims of violent crime.

Leading Efforts to Help Low-Income People Secure Health Care: Pisgah Legal, in collaboration with partners, is a regional leader working to help low-income people secure affordable health insurance. In the most recent open enrollment period, PLS met with more than 1,000 consumers to help them navigate their health insurance options and understand and apply for cost-saving options.