• Housing Assistance

Shelby and Erin

Shelby didn’t expect to be a parent again, but this grandmother is now bringing up her granddaughter, Erin, on her own. She works part-time in food service and has a hard time making ends meet so her subsidized housing is…

  • Housing Assistance


“Daniel” and his wife thought they were in good financial shape when they retired to WNC. But when the “Great Recession” hit, their investments plummeted, and their savings evaporated. Daniel lost his job, was then diagnosed cancer and the couple…

  • Senior Fraud Protection


Mildred is an elderly client who was almost cheated out of her home. She was convinced to refinance her mortgage with a fraudulent company and to stop paying her bills. Mildred soon faced foreclosure. PLS Staff Attorney Tom Gallagher worked…

  • Housing Assistance

The Fields Family

The Fields fell behind on their mortgage payments when the “Great Recession” hit. They came to Pisgah Legal Services where Staff Attorney Bill Whalen worked for two years to save the family’s home.

  • Disability Benefits


Despite being a quadriplegic, Jack was living a full life with a successful career until he was injured during a medical procedure. He was hospitalized more than 30 times and lost his job, home and savings. Jack came to Mission…