Pisgah Legal Services Staff

Pisgah Legal Services has a team of 42 dedicated staff members, including 18 staff attorneys.  Many PLS staff members could find less stressful and more lucrative jobs elsewhere, but they choose to work at PLS because they believe deeply that all people deserve access to justice and they see the difference that civil legal aid makes for low-income people who have nowhere else to turn.


Executive Director

James A. Barrett, 828-210-3408, jim@pisgahlegal.org

Staff Attorneys

To contact staff attorneys, call 828-253-0406 or 1-800-489-6144

Lynne Davis
Faith Foote
Tom Gallagher
Martin Jarrard
Jaclyn Kiger
Julie Klipp Nicholson
Denise Lockett
Candace Mance
Ben Many
Molly Maynard
Robin Merrell 
Parker Smith

Bill Whalen                                                                                   
Olivia Williams

Erin Wilson


Client Services & Legal Support

Pablo Averza
Yolanda Bopp
Rhonda Brown
Cecelia Colson
Joanne Gaylord
Thalia Hoy
Annette Hutchins

Nitiki Kilgore
Elba Sanchez
Robin Sersland
Amanda Toney
Gabriela Volkomer


Mountain Area Volunteer Lawyer Program

Ky Delaney, 828-210-3479, kathleen@pisgahlegal.org

Volunteer Program

Beth Herrman, 828-210-3787, beth@pisgahlegal.org


Administration, Accounting & Fundraising

Sam Galloway, Office Administrator, Accounting Assistant & HR, 828-210-3425, sam@pisgahlegal.org
Betsy Fedder, Annual Campaign Manager (part-time), 828-210-3444, betsy@pisgahlegal.org
Bryan Klinge, Chief Financial Officer, 828-210-3426, bryan@pisgahlegal.org
Vicki Nichols, Donor Relations Assistant (part-time), 828-210-3773, vicki@pisgahlegal.org
Katie Russell Miller, Director of Community Engagement (part-time), 828-210-3420, katierm@pisgahlegal.org
Evie Sandlin White, Communications Manager, (part-time) 828-210-3430, evie@pisgahlegal.org

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